The artist plays an important and active role in the society – Pratul Dash

Lucknow: Social responsibility comes with a great sense of sensitivity attached to it. A responsible person presents his sensibility through his thoughts. If art is not generating an idea, it is like furniture lying in a corner believes this week’s artist at open Spaces Pratul Dash.

Pratul Dash once shared an important point during a conversation with famous artist Akbar Padamsee, that – “Medium does not decide whether your art is good or bad”.

Pratul Dash, an eminent contemporary artist from India, was the invited artist for this episode. Akshat Sinha, an artist and curator from New Delhi, and Ravindra Tripathi, a well-known senior journalist, film, literature, art and theater critic, also attended the event as a special guest.

A large number of people from across the country and abroad were associated with the programme.

Program coordinator Bhupendra Kumar Asthana said Pratul Dash is originally from Burla Sambalpur, Orissa, currently he has set up his own studios in New Delhi.

Established as an important artist in the field of contemporary art for the last 22 years. Pratul Dash has a distinct identity in contemporary art not only for his painting style but also for his thoughts and concerns.

Their lines, colors go to this end of the ecology where there is concern about the upheaval in the environment. The beauty of nature can be easily seen and understood in his paintings. In no way can art lovers feel uncomfortable or confused. Not only colors or some figures on his canvas, but his sensitivity and emotions can also be seen and understood.

There should be no scope for an artist. Freedom of thought is its expression. One cannot become an artist just by taking education in art, there are many such artists who have not taken any education but are doing good experiments and works. Pratul has made his presence felt in all the major art galleries of the country.
Pratul says there was no artist in my family. But when I regained consciousness, I found a way to come towards art through a magazine.

He said – Today, in the name of so-called development in our country, big buildings are being built, concrete forests are being created. My work is an allegory of uncontrolled and unbalanced development taking place at the cost of environment, nature, all living beings and human values ​​which gives only one indication. Today there is only a blind race in the name of development, completely different from reality. In my pictures, in the blind race of these developments, the witnesses and silent spectators of the new natural disasters being created by man are all living beings. We hear people saying that they pretend to be sensitive on issues, but its reflection is not visible in their activities, why…? It is the social responsibility of us artists that we must present that sensitivity through our art work. Do not run away from this responsibility. Being an artist is the biggest responsibility for the society. Every artist should understand this very well. Today urbanization has changed all the relations and values. Merely selling artworks at high prices does not mean being a great artist. Rather, it is also the main duty of an art creative person to fulfill the obligations towards his society.

Pratul Dash not only creates paintings on canvas, but he has also done great works in the form of installation art. The installation of a temple in Bhubaneshwar with a terracotta pot and a bamboo on the banks of a river has also done a great job and the general public also came in large numbers to see these works. Pratul’s work is closely related to the general public. People can easily join.

The artist should use the beauty of his art for social causes. And for this one must be ready to accept new challenges and new mediums as well. Artwork is not only used to decorate a wall but it is also a catalyst. That is why the paintings of all the artists have changed the social order and rules too, history is witness to this fact.

As a special guest, senior art, literature, theater critic Ravindra Tripathi expressed Pratul’s thoughts and his work in a very critical way in the program. During the program, Akshat Sinha exposed the art journey and artworks of the invited artist through a very deep and in-depth question. In this program, the audience participated from abroad, the audience also asked their questions to Pratul Dash and were satisfied with Das’s answer.

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