The concept of Ram Rajya in the perspective of law and justice : Dr. Amit Singh & Nidhi Shanker

Bareilly ,27 January. Lord Shri Ram is called Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram because his personality is full of dignity, compassion, truth, religion and morality. It is very rare to find an ideal personality like Shri Ram in today’s era. Every woman wishes for a husband like Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, every parent wishes for a son like Shri Ram and every citizen and subject wishes for a king like Shri Ram.
Maryada means limit of justice and religion in Sanskrit. The character of Purushottam Shri Ram is also limited. That is why he is called Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram. Shri Ram had promised Sita ji that ‘I would not think about anyone else except you’ and he kept this promise and remained bound in monogamy with mata Sita throughout his life, whereas at that time polygamy was prevalent. At that time his father Dasharatha had three wives but he kept the ideal of monogamy which exactly matches the Hindu matrimonial law. Hence, the source of our Hindu marital system takes inspiration from Ramrajya. He rejected Suparnakha’s marriage proposal and said
Kritdarosm Bhavati Bhayeyam
Dayita mam.
त्वद्भिधानां तु नरिणांं सुदुखखा ससपतना.
Devi, I am married, my wife is present and I am bound by my Patni-Dharma.

Shri Ram kept the promises given to his father. His father King Dashrath had died during his exile. Following the given promise is the basis of law and justice. This is called the principle of estoppel in law.

Valmiki’s Ramayana and Ramcharitmanas describe a dignified portrayal of Lord Shri Ram.
His concept of protection of human rights according to law and justice, justice even to the last person among all the people of his kingdom and his concept of comprehensive development makes him Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram.

Concept of Ram Rajya

Ram Rajya means good governance in the state according to law and justice by the king or ruler. Ramrajya is necessary for efficient polity and governance. To establish a developed, progressive, prosperous and positive strong state in the interest of the people, which is a reflection of the Ramrajya rule of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram as envisioned in the Indian Constitution, international laws and treaties.

Body divine physical heat.
Why is there no Ram Raj?
All men love each other. Let’s follow Swadharma and Shruti Niti

Meaning:- No one had physical, spiritual or material problems in ‘Ramrajya’. All human beings loved each other and followed their respective dharma by following the rules and regulations prescribed in the Vedas.

It would not be wrong to say that the ideals of Indian culture, morality, Indian law and political values ​​are in accordance with the life philosophy of Purushottam Shri Ram. Shri Ram’s adherence to his promises inspires us to fulfill promises in our lives. The Indian contract law relating to the performance of promises is an example drawing its inference from ideologies and principles of Shri Ram.

War method and Shri Ram:

Before engaging in war with Lanka, Rama had sent Angada as a messenger to Ravana’s court in an attempt to ensure the peaceful return of Sita and avoid war. Ravana planned to use this opportunity to kill Angada. However, his brother Vibhishana reminded him that killing an ambassador or messenger is against Rajdharma or the duty of a king. This principle is reflected in Article 29 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961 It regulates diplomatic immunities and privileges. A diplomatic agent cannot be arrested or detained. They should be treated as guests of the state and all steps should be taken to ensure that they are not harmed in any way.

The rule of law and the rules of international law, whether it is related to war policy or the mutual behavior of states, the character and philosophy of life of Shri Ram teaches us to implement them in comprehensive manner. Pacta Sant Servanda The treaty is always enforceable because the observance of the treaty always binds in the estoppel. this motto is reflected in the following statment:
“Raghukul tradition has always been followed, life may die but words should not.”

At the time when King Dashrath sent Lord Shri Ram into exile for 14 years, Ram accepted his orders in such a way that in Austin’s theory, the command of the sovereign is considered supreme. In Austin’s theory, the king’s command is considered equal to God’s command. It has been said that legal science is based on Ramrajya governance system. A king has been called God in the scriptures because the happiness and sorrow of the residents of the state is in the hands of the king.
It is necessary for a king to have human qualities like kindness, compassion, forgiveness, generosity etc. The primary quality in a king should be that he is just and justice should be without bias (Rule against Bias). This is the basic principle of administrative law. Example of an ideal king, ideal war policy and as a skilled warrior, Lord Shri Ram was not only a skilled warrior but also took everyone along. Due to his fighting skills, he built Ram Setu with stones and also talked to Ravana in his last moments. This instance signifies the concept of mediation and conciliation method. In case of war, he assured protection to the refugees by giving them shelter from the enemy state. When Vibhishana came to meet Lord Shri Ram, Sugriva said that he was the brother of the enemy but Shri Ram explained to him that he had been expelled from his country and he came to seek asylum from him, giving shelter to every person and it is their *dharma*to protect him, Which is based on the principle of natural justice.
After being killed in battle, Lord Shri Ram ensured that the dead person was cremated with respect. Regarding the legal control of war, he had said that war policy should be according to rules like war should be fought in the day, wars fought at night are demonic wars and such weapons should not be used in war which cause genocide and are harmful to the environment. The rules of lawful war are described in Chapter 7 Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations. These rules can be seen in the Paris Declaration and Geneva Conventions. The use of deadly and nuclear weapons was considered wrong. The effect of violation of this rule can be seen in the side effects of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Redressal of the situation of prisoners of war, protection of people from the effects of war, proper treatment to the enemy, proper treatment of injured and dead people during war, proper treatment of the occupied state etc. make the life of Shri Ram an ideal. The dispute regarding the war with Ravana and the kingdom won by Shri Ram was handed over to the rightful heirs, Vibhishan, so that the people there could be properly protected. He could have established his control over the state he won and given it to one of his brothers but this was not done by Shri Ram. He did this keeping in mind the welfare of the people. This shows the modern form of democracy. .

The personality of Shri Ram is an excellent example of nationalism. He considered his country/motherland greater than heaven.

Lakshman Rocha in his golden Lanka.
Mother’s birthplace, Heaven, Heaven, Gariyasi.
Meaning: “Lakshman Although this Lanka is made of gold, still I have no interest in it. (Because) mother and birthplace are greater than heaven”.

Ramayana is an ideal epic which is always an ideal for law and justice system, whether it is the right to equality or the right to life and physical liberty and the guiding principles of policy, to understand these we have to understand the character of Shri Ram, mata Sita, Lakshman etc. In Ram Rajya, respect for women was always talked about and women were protected and respected before men. In the Vedas and other scriptures, Sita’s name is taken first and is called Jayasiyaram. Therefore, it can be said that if a person adopts the qualities of Lord Shri Ram like tolerant and patient, kind, son, friend, manager and ideal brother, then he will not be afraid of any crisis in life.

Report from Akhilesh Chandra Saxena, Bareilly.

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