Ticket in 2024 for BJP faces will be subject to how well they micromanage Civic poll strategy

Special Correspondent

Lucknow: Before  next year’s Lok Sabha elections, the examination of MPs has started in BJP. Considering the civic elections as an opportunity, the high command has given the MPs the target of convincing the rebels and making the party candidates win. It has been clearly told to them that they should win the body elections in their respective areas. Convince those who are rebellious, those who are angry. Now it is like a test in which if the MP fails, then there can be a threat to them in terms of tickets in the 2024 elections and if an MLA manages brilliantly in his area, then his claim can also be made.

Therefore, MPs have started looking for ways to persuade the rebels of their respective areas. They do not want to lag behind in the struggle for Lok Sabha election tickets in any way. Where a good performance in the civic elections has become a big challenge for the sitting MPs, on the other hand, for the MLAs of the same area, such an opportunity can be a godsent opportunity, if they manage it better, they can get a chance to get a promotion, that is, a ticket to Parliament.

This time every political party is troubled by the rebellion of their own people in the civic elections. The reason for this is old experience. Experts who have tracked the past elections say that whenever the rebels contested elections, they affected the vote equations of the parties. This time BJP is facing the problem of rebels in many seats after ticket distribution.

There is a glut of rebels in the party. Somewhere the leader of the party himself has rebelled, and somewhere someone from the family has been fielded. Experts say that if they are not checked in time, they can spoil the electoral calculations.

If the arithmetic of the party  deteriorates due to the rebels in the stronghold of big leaders, then the matter will take a larger toll on the bigger gameplan as 2024 approaches. Especially for the regional MP, this will be the most difficult situation because immediately after the body elections, he has to field  his ticket as well. Those who are already in danger of being relegated due to the internal survey conducted by the party and some other reasons, are seeing the rebels of the civic body elections as their biggest challenge.

Now after getting the target from the party high command, they will leave no stone unturned to make political winds blow in their favour.

BJP State President Bhupendra Chowdhary speaking at length at the party headquarters in Lucknow gave the target of winning all the bodies including the Lucknow Municipal Corporation to the MPs-MLAs and the office bearers of the organization. He asked the office bearers and MPs and MLAs to ensure the victory of the party candidates in their constituencies.

He said put your full emphasis on persuading the sulking leaders and making the leaders who are contesting elections as rebels. He advised the MPs and MLAs to go to the houses of the angry workers along with the party officials, have tea with them and talk to them to clear their grievances.

CM Yogi raised the tone of rebellion in Gorakhpur

CM Yogi, who came to Gorakhpur recently, had cautioned against any rebellion. After talking to the CM, most of the rebels withdrew their papers. 74 rebels for the post of councilor in the Municipal Corporation withdrew their papers. Three days ago, Deputy CM Keshav Maurya tried to persuade the rebels by talking to them in Prayagraj.

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