Timsy Anand shares with everyone why one must not lose hope

Timsy Anand, Founder of Jalsa shares her story

New Delhi: It was always a dream of mine to make something of my own. To have a passion. A reason to wake up every morning and hustle. However, my childhood and the consequent circumstances were never fortunate enough to let me go to university or even develop a transferable skill. I had to find meaning in hobbies and sitting with my own thoughts. I soon became a product of my own loneliness.

While my husband was busy working 18-hourshifts, my only companion was my crippling anxiety, unhealthy eating habits and a tiny ray of hope nestled deep within of building a business one day. However, times were different and like many other women at the time, my life was hardly my own. I had moved homes ten times by the time I was in my mid-20s thanks to my husband’s job posting us across the country.

Amidst a growing child and another on the way, I wanted to set an example for my family. One of hardwork and fortitude. With all due respect to my husband, why couldn’t I be a role model to my children as well?

Thus began my journey of finding my passion and trying to build something of it. After countless failed attempts at creating Indian women’s clothing, I decided to do something many others weren’t doing at the time. I went on the search for existing clothing brands and looked for ways to market them.

I became acquainted with a New York-based designer and started promoting her brand amongst my modest circle of friends. What was meant to be a conversation with my group of ladies about a new designer I liked turned out to be a
recurring series of purchase orders. My client was impressed with my selling capabilities and my customers began revering and admiring my taste in clothes. I became proficient in marketing and selling clothes and soon ventured into fine jewellery and accessories as well. A trunk full of dreams became my longest ride and Jalsa was born.

In a time devoid of social media, word got around that I was curating fashion houses from across the country and exhibiting them for everyone to buy. My work began to speak for itself and slowly but surely, credibility was built.
From one designer to designers in the triple digits today, I feel honoured and privileged to call this brand my own. But without the countless designers and creators who trusted me with their products, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Jalsa has given me a sense of purpose, independence and fulfilment in life.

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