To apply for transportation of ordinary soil now take the online route

Lucknow: Director Geology and Mining Department, Uttar Pradesh Dr. Roshan Jacob informed that in the interest of farmers, provision has been made for the registration process by applying online on the new departmental portal for mining/transportation of ordinary soil.

Under which registration will have to be done on the departmental portal. Post for the personal use of farmers by applying on the block of registration for permission for mining/transportation of ordinary soil from their own land. For this mining plan and mining permit will not be required.

Farmers will be able to apply for mining/transportation of ordinary soil from their own land for their personal use, for which the farmer will have to login by filling name, address, mobile number before registering.

After login, the form will be displayed in which it will be mandatory to feed the name of the applicant, mobile number, quantity of ordinary soil, khatauni, purpose of mining, complete details of the applied mining area such as district, tehsil, village, Gata number, destination.

The application will have to be submitted by the farmer by filling these points, after which the farmer will get the self-generated registration certificate from the portal. Only the registration certificate will be valid as a transport form.

Before the registration certificate is generated, after feeding the Gata number, the system will match the land owner’s details with the API of Bhulekh. In case of difference of applicant and land owner, the registration certificate will not be generated. In case there is more than one account holder on any Gata number, along with uploading the affidavit of consent of the account holders on the side of the applicant, the name of the co- account holders will also have to be fed.

The validity of the registration certificate generated for the use of the quantity of ordinary soil applied by the farmer will be two weeks.
Dr. Roshan Jacob, while sending a circular to the District Magistrates in this regard, has expected that they should ensure disposal of the applications of ordinary soil for personal use of farmers under the given arrangement.

In this regard, he has clarified that there were no guidelines regarding mining/transportation of soil held for personal use by farmers, whereas in rural areas, farmers were asked to prevent water logging around their houses and at the places where animals were tied. Along with this, ordinary soil is used to level their agricultural land. Due to the lack of process of mining of ordinary soil for the use of farmers, complaints of their oppression are received.

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