Trained in Chicago, this artist makes waves

Lucknow: It all started by him wondering and dreaming as he stared outside the window of the train, trying to figure how to build a better world for everyone. Vasisht started his journey at DJ Academy of design where he explored materials, new skills and finding new ways to innovate products. He later moved to the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago which made all the small problems and ideas to make the world better just grow to a global scale. Here he explored the history of multiple types of design and dying art forms looking for ways of sustainability hidden in these methods of production. Now he is living his dream working at Teams Design to create and develop new products that are user centric and sustainable while creating an impact one step at a time.

What inspired you to make Indian miniature furniture?

The throne room at the art museum in Chicago was my biggest inspiration. Looking at various scaled miniatures from different countries and time periods closely ignited my interest particularly in Indian miniature pieces. Perceiving the high detail and craftsmanship needed to make something so intricate inspired me to create my own pieces. I chose two dying art forms to spread awareness of how traditional furniture Indian furniture and miniature furniture can be so beautiful. Not only does this preserve history but also gives many highly skilled artisans their due.

People often choose convenience over quality and are more likely to buy inexpensive, ready-made furniture than invest in handcrafted furniture.

India , a country of rich traditions and culture, has many skilled craftsmen . Their craft is often associated with their geographical and cultural association. Often this craftsmanship gets passed generation to generation . But due to modernization in manufacturing many families lost their jobs and had to find new means to earn a living. Focussing on reviving the inherent loss of rich cultural art forms I decided to reinvent and revive the furniture in today’s context to keep these beautiful forms of furniture still alive.

What is one thing you enjoyed during this process?

I really enjoyed two parts of this project, one being learning the history and rich cultural diversity of my country while primarily focusing on various forms of furniture. And, the other was learning ways to make these beautiful and intricate pieces of miniature furniture. Learning old processes and blending it with modern methods of working on things so small and delicate was extremely satisfying

How do you suppose we can save this art form?

To create awareness and appreciation for the art of miniature as well as traditional furniture itself will work in supporting and promoting the work of skilled artisans . This will also encourage younger generations which in turn will revive this traditional art form. I would like to further my research, experiment, make and teach miniature furniture making.

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