Twist in the Mukhtar Ansari transit story

Lucknow: The Punjab Police brought mafia don Mukhtar Ansari in an ambulance bearing a Barabanki number to the Mohali court. As this transpired Mukhtar was seen sitting on a wheel chair. The interesting bit however is that the registration number of the ambulance in which the police brought him in Mohali court is from Barabanki district. Shockingly it is not registered at all. The hospital whose name is written on the ambulance is also fake. Even today, that hospital is not in existence. Reportedly the registration of the ambulance used for Mukhtar Ansari has expired in 2015 itself. Furthermore, the fitness of the ambulance has also expired in the year 2017. A new controversy has arisen regarding this matter.

When the UP government, which accused Mukhtar of safe harboring, did not see Mukhtar Ansari coming in hand in any way, the UP government had to knock on the door of the Supreme Court. Reportedly the Punjab government left no stone unturned in trying to keep Mukhtar Ansari in the state prison.

Mukhtar was brought from Mohali in an ambulance. In a startling revelation, the ambulance is registered in the name of Dr. Alka Rai, who is the director of S. Sanjeevani Hospital, BJP’s General Secretary of the Mahila Morcha. Alka is reportedly  the official of BJP Mahila Morcha and Alka Rai is a Regional member of the Mahila Morcha.

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