U.P. aims for a grander production slate for Bundelkhand’s famed Kathia wheat

Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government of U.P. is encouraging  farmers growing Kathia wheat in Bundelkhand in many ways to get better price for their produce. In Jhansi, the farmers associated with the production of Kathia wheat are being linked by forming a Farmers Producer Organization (FPO), so that they can get a better price for their produce.

Along with this, efforts are on to give recognition to Kathia wheat of Bundelkhand at the national level. The Yogi government is encouraging the farmers by setting up the Katia Wheat Bangra Producer Limited Company in Jhansi. Through the company, the process of getting GI tag for Kathia wheat has also been started, so that the farmers associated with the production of Kathia wheat of Bundelkhand can be given maximum benefit.

Heavy yield of Kathia wheat

After getting the Geographical Indication tag, the products of local farmers will get special recognition and Bundelkhand will be helped to be recognized as the producer of Kathia wheat. So far four hundred more farmers have been added to the FPO created to promote Kathia wheat. In Jhansi, farmers in the surrounding areas including Bangra, Bamour, Gursarai, Mauranipur produce a large number of Kathia wheat. Apart from this, a large number of farmers in other districts of Bundelkhand are also involved in the cultivation of Kathia wheat. Efforts are also being made for better marketing of Kathia wheat and preparation of its products under FPO.

Income will increase after getting GI tag

Director of Kathia Wheat Bangra Producer Limited Company and producer of Kathia wheat, Nathu Singh Tomar said that indigenous varieties of Kathia wheat are grown in many villages of Jhansi. The government wants to promote its cultivation. We are motivating the farmers through our company. We started the process for GI tag last year and hope to complete the process soon. Jhansi’s Chief Development Officer Junaid Ahmed said that the government wants to double the income of the farmers. There is good production of Kathia wheat in this area and FPO has been formed to encourage it.

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