Under the guise of KBC, innocent folks being lured by promise of 25L in account

Lucknow: Everyone enjoys watching Kaun Banega Crorepati but now there is a fraud that is happening in the name of the game.  As India watches the 12th season of the small screen’s popular show Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC) , the process of cheating is also on in full swing under the guise of the show.

In the entire NCR including Meerut, people are getting foreign calls in the name of KBC. Audio-videos, messages are being sent to win prizes on WhatsApp. Many people have also lost lakhs of rupees by falling in the guise of thugs. However, in the show, Amitabh Bachchan himself asks the audience to beware of thugs.

People are falling prey to fraud in the greed of getting 25 lakh rupees by spending ten thousand rupees. Ten thousand rupees were withdrawn from the account of Anil Singh, resident of Jagriti Vihar, 1.28 lakh from the account of Sandeep Goyal resident of Pacific Heights Colony, 10 thousand from the account of Saurabh Sharma, resident of Ved Vyaspuri, 20 thousand rupees were withdrawn from the account of Sangeeta of Lalkurti. A huge amount was transferred to the account on the pretext of winning Rs 25 lakh to everyone.

Calls come on people’s mobiles and the person in front says – I am speaking from KBC. Amitabh Bachchan and company had selected 25 mobile numbers out of five thousand, including you. You have won a prize of Rs 25 lakh. You can take the reward amount from the bank, but tax will have to be paid for it. You are asked to give details by calling on the given WhatsApp number. To make people believe, KBC clips are edited and sent. It is said that a call will come to you to make a check from the bank. The amount is cleared from the account as soon as the personal information is given by calling on the WhatsApp number.

Keep less money in the mobile in which your bank details are attached.

No bank asks for any account details over the phone. If someone calls and asks for such details, then be alert. Do not give your bank related OTP, details, CVV number etc. to anyone. Do not enter the password in front of anyone during mobile-net banking. When opening a site on mobile, if a link blinks, then do not click on it. Now ATM cards of WiFi technology have come. Keep these cards in your upper pocket only. Keeping it in the back pocket, one can easily withdraw money from the account via WiFi.

Till this month, 41 complaints of online fraud have been received in the district. Out of these, 19 cases have been resolved with the help of Police Cyber ​​Cell. Money has also been recovered from some accounts. The investigation in the rest is on. There are complaints of fraud on the pretext of taking loan from KBC, bank and increasing the limit. The amount has also been recovered in cases where complaints are received on time. Immediately after the fraud, make a written complaint to the concerned police station and the cyber cell located at the police line. You can also complain online on CM Portal.

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