Under the Regional Archaeological Unit, Agra, the monuments/sites at Agra, Firozabad and Mathura will be protected and developed as a tourist destination

Lucknow:  The Uttar Pradesh State Archaeological Consultative Committee, chaired by the Tourism and Culture Minister of Uttar Pradesh,  Jaiveer Singh, was recently convened, in the meeting it was decided to conserve 15 proposed monuments/sites of the Regional Archaeological Unit, Agra.

Giving this information, the Tourism Minister  Jaiveer Singh said that the monuments and sites located under the Regional Archaeological Unit, Agra have historical and archaeological importance. By preserving them, the rich cultural heritage of the state has to be protected for the future generations. He said that the glorious heritage of the country is attached to these places.

Jaiveer Singh informed that by preserving these religious and historical places, basic facilities will be developed here. As a result of which these places will also be safe and will be available as tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. He said that this would also provide employment to the local people and the state government would also get revenue.

The Tourism Minister said that these places include Sarovar and Chhatris, Kanwargaon, Mathura, Taj Bibi’s Samadhi, Ramanreti, Mahavan Mathura, Laxmighat Vrindavan, Mathura, two turrets of Purani Haveli, Agra Nagar, Painted Rock shelter, Fatehpur Sikri, Painted Rock shelter, Patasal, Painted Rock shelter. , Bandrauli, and Chitrakta Rock shelter, Agra.

Apart from this, Bagh-e-Jahanara, Bagh-e-Sultan Parvez, Rambagh, Bateshwar Fort, Bateshwar Bah, Haveli’s Burj, Mubarak Manzil, Balkeshwar (right bank of Yamuna), Agra besides Chandrabad Fort, Firozabad and Medieval Sarai Umbrella District Mathura is included.

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