Uninterrupted power supply has made life worth living says U.P minister Srikant Sharma

Lucknow: State’s Energy and Additional Energy Resource Minister Shrikant Sharma said that record power supply is being ensured by the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation for the convenience of electricity consumers in the state for the last four years. He said that before the year 2017, people used to worry about electricity from evening till night in the state. People lived in darkness, had to face great difficulties. On the one hand, where students had difficulty in studying, shops and markets in rural areas were open without electricity. But the present government has tried to ensure cut-free power supply to the entire state from sunset to sunrise for the last four years.
While reviewing the power supply, the Energy Minister said that in five years between 2012-13 and 2016-17, the average supply to rural areas was only 12 hours 11 minutes, 13 hours 14 minutes to tehsil headquarters, 19 hours 19 minutes to district headquarters. was supplied.

Under this government, since the year 2017-18, continuous average power supply to rural areas was about 18 hours (17 hours 41 minutes), about 21 hours (20 hours 45 minutes) to tehsil headquarters and about 23 hours to district headquarters. In this way, power supply was ensured for 5 hours 30 minutes in rural areas, 7 hours 30 minutes in tehsil headquarters and 3 hours 41 minutes more in district headquarters.

The Energy Minister said that records are being made continuously in the field of power supply. Last year the maximum power supply of 23867 MW was done on 17th and 18th July, while this year 24926 MW was supplied on 30th June 2021. Similarly, on July 16 last month, the demand for electricity increased to 25032 MW. By supplying so much electricity, the electricity department created a new record and the people of the state got relief from the scorching heat. He said that on an average 24000 MW power is being supplied in summer. He credited this achievement to the policies of the Central and State Governments and its successful implementation and to the personnel of the Energy Department.

The Energy Minister said that due to heat and humidity, the use of electrical appliances like ACs and coolers is increasing, due to which the demand for electricity is increasing continuously. In just three and a half years, the demand of 9,000 MW of electricity has increased in the state every day, by supplying which the department is doing remarkable work.

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