Lucknow: In a short time after massive strides, Bijay Kumar Mishra, the Director of SAMP INDIA TRADE PVT LTD Brand Name ‘Buddha Ratana Natural Rice, The Rice Studio has become the talk of the town with his one-of-a-kind Kaala Namak Rice which is being appreciated for its medical properties.

Competing with a special Japanese product where 860-gram rice is sold for 100 dollars, the Kaala Namak rice has rapidly set a standard and in the crucial parameters, it is validating its claim to be a unique product. Bijay Kumar Mishra said, “ Our competition is not with any Indian rice manufacturer like Basmati. Our competitor makes 160 gm weighing four rolls each in paper bags. Unlike the competitor whose cuisine is patented, the rice processing is patented along with the bran we are yet to reach that level, but soon we will release a leaflet with a cuisine. We boast of being a distinctive product in terms of health, price as well as the aroma. It is an open challenge that if someone can find discrepancies in our ingredients or chemicals then we will give a refund and supply our product free of cost for an entire year.”

Talking of the process, he said, “ Our farming is CCTV monitored.  The farming is done using Soils, natural water flowing through the Himalayas, and sunlight. Abiding by our motto to not harm nature and the ecosystem while doing pest control, we use a bird stand where the birds help in weeding out pests. Animal intrusion is handled by making natural sounds to prevent animals from running amok.”

Elaborating on the benefits, he said, “ From the health point of view it has abilities to control diabetes, malnutrition, has essential proteins, rare rice with omega 3 and omega 6, Vitamin A, Beta carotene which helps in improving eyesight, it is rich in vitamin E, Niacin smoothens nails, improves brain power, keeps skin, brain, blood, stomach and prostate cancer at bay.”

But not without regular intake, he said, “ With regular intake it helps keep the heart healthy due to being easily digested. keeping a check on blood pressure and obesity. It does not have fats and sugar.  It improves brain functioning with Omega 3 and 6.  The specialty of this rice is that it is cultivated through hand-picked seeds. The produce is manually segregated. It is extremely beneficial for people aiming for fat loss. 100 grams of rice has 370 mg of protein. Heart issues can be regulated through the rice due to the richness in dietary fiber.

He has purposely priced it high. He adds – “ The rice is more expensive than any other non-Basmati rice. The manufacturing process is special because it is stored at sub-zero degrees(-2 Celcius) to retain aroma, flavor, and medical advantage after storing it for a year.  The rice has been acknowledged on various platforms for attributes like Best Stalls, packaging, and national awards of the highest repute. It has associations with ODOP, Startup India, MSME and is registered with APEDA and Export Promotion Council both at the center and the state.” Also having Legal GI user certificate for Kala namak Rice farming at siddarth Nagar U.P. For the people interested in the product, feel free to reach out: www.buddharatana.com.

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