Unique reasons to bunk office make news

New Delhi: Reservations for Tatkal tickets have greatly simplified rail travel for travelers. Tatkal train tickets are available for those who want to visit a place quickly. Except for the travel date, they may be reserved one day in advance. There are certain guidelines and policies associated with the booking process, however. Non-AC tickets go on sale, while AC tickets are available starting at 10 a.m. Additionally, the tickets need to be reserved within the allotted period. Using this law as a benefit, someone was able to get out of having to attend a meeting with his office team by claiming that they had to make a Tatkal reservation.

Sneha, the creator of the office, posted the person’s funny explanation on X, previously known as Twitter. The post said, “As my co-founder said, Best Reason for Not Being Available Award this year goes to.” The co-founder of the company, whose name was withheld, was shown in the chat snapshot indicating that they had to postpone a meeting since they would be occupied booking train tickets between 10 and 10:15 in the morning. completing an IRCTC tatkal reservation. My availability is limited from 10:00 to 10:15. I had to miss the stand-up today,” the co-founder who wished to remain nameless wrote.

Users of social media are presently gathering momentum for the message that was published on the microblogging site today, November 3. The individual who submitted the image, Sneha, identifies herself as a 21-year-old engineer who manages the Hopstack marketing firm in Bengaluru.

A guy made waves on the internet the previous year when he came clean to the authorities at work and asked for a day off so he could binge-watch his favorite show. Abhishek Kumar, an employee, showed courage by sharing his letter on X. He urged coworkers and users to “normalize” taking leaves of absence, for whatever reason, in the snarky post. Establish normalcy. It’s not required that you take time off simply for medical reasons or for tasks that need your presence,” he added.

“This is an official request for a day off on December 23rd to watch Pitchers: Season 2 at home. I can’t wait till the weekend to watch one of my favorite web series since I can’t binge-watch it all night on workdays without throwing off my sleep schedule,” he said in his email.


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