UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath digitally unveils Agra Metro Train at Agra Metro Rail Depot; plants tree in depot premises

Agra: Chief minister of Uttar Pradesh  Yogi Adityanath visited Agra Metro Rail Project on Monday  digitally unveiled the first look of Agra Metro train in Agra Metro Depot Premises. Chief minister had also unveiled the metro train digitally for Kanpur Metro last year.

The CM also gave a strong message for environment conservation and planted a tree inside Agra Metro Rail Depot, situated in 15th battalion PAC Premises.

Speaking on this historic moment for Agra Metro Rail Project, Managing Director UPMRC  Sushil Kumar said, “The Metro coaches for Agra Metro are being manufactured in Savli, Gujarat. It is a big achievement in the direction of ”Make in India” initiative of Government of India. 87 coaches are to be delivered to the Agra Metro Rail Project i.e. 29 Rolling Stocks (Metro Trains) of 3 coaches each. These trains will be having a designed speed of 90 kmph. With the objective of saving time and ensuring timely delivery of Rolling Stocks, UPMRC had done the integrated contract for Rolling Stock and Signaling for Kanpur and Agra Metro Rail Project.”

Features of the ultra-modern Rolling Stocks to be used in Agra Metro Rail Project

Equipped with ATP/ATO (Automatic Train Protection and Automatic Train Operation) mode of train operation which are ultra-modern and almost completely automatic, making the train an ‘intelligent mode of transport’.

· Equipped with fire retarding materials having low fire load, low heat release rate, low smoke and toxicity inside the cars.
· Emergency door: The rolling stock provides with emergency evacuation facilities at several vehicles to ensure well-directed evacuation of passengers in case of any emergency including fire in the train.
· Crash worthiness features: The rolling stock provides with inter car couplers having crashworthiness features, which reduces the severity of injury to the passengers in case of accidents.
Third Rail DC Traction System for Agra Metro Rail Project

Metro Trains of Agra Metro will derive their energy from the third rail running parallel to the tracks. Their will be no traditional OHE (Overhead Equipment) which usually gets disrupted due to bird movement, flying of kites, etc. Third Rail System will not pose any of these problems and train operations will be more efficient.

Use of Regenerative Breaking in Agra Metro:
Trains of Agra Metro will generate energy through their own braking system. The deceleration after breaks are applied will be converted to energy. Electric motor is used to apply breaks in metro trains that in turn can lead to regeneration of energy, which can be further used back for train operations.

Unobtrusive Metro Rail System in the city:
The metro rail project will be unobtrusive and will blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the city. The utilities, including wires and duct pipes will be completely hidden. This would largely enhance the aesthetic value of the metro rail system.

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