UPCON 2023: Specialists call for greater care to cherish motherhood

Lucknow: Lack of nutrients in food has become a cause of trouble. Delay in marriage has become a major reason for infertility. But, to make a career, young men and women are getting married late.

This is the reason why the cases of infertility are increasing rapidly. The best age for marriage and becoming a mother is 20 to 25 years. 26 to 30 years is considered the second best age. Till the age of 35 is a good time to become a mother.

After this, there is a problem in getting pregnant. All kinds of problems surround you. Dr. Preeti Kumar, the organizing secretary of UPCON said these things. UPCON 2023 was organized at Atal Bihari Vajpayee Scientific Convention Center of KGMU.

UPCON was organized by Lucknow Obstetrics and Gynecologists Society (LOGS) and Gynecological Academic Welfare Association. Dr. Preeti Kumar said that after the age of 35, the ability to produce eggs gradually starts decreasing. Get married at the right time to avoid the dangers of infertility.

Treat on time

Don’t feel ashamed if you are facing difficulties in conceiving. According to Dr. Preeti, contact the doctor immediately. Delay in treatment worsens the problem. In this case the treatment becomes difficult. The treatment also takes a long time. He told that other techniques of treatment including IVF can fill the void.

Lack of nutrients in food

The chairperson of the conference Dr. Chandravati said that irregular lifestyle, unbalanced diet and lack of nutrients in food are also the reasons for the increase in the problem of infertility. He told to keep food and drink healthy. Eat green leafy vegetables. Consume fruits regularly. Consumption of carrot, beetroot, apple and other seasonal fruits keeps health healthy. He told that infections in the genitals are the main causes of infertility.

Eat at frequent intervals

In the conference, Dr. Poonam Shivkumar of Maharashtra told that proper diet should be taken during pregnancy. Food should be taken at some intervals. Avoid eating too much at one go. Eating little by little is beneficial for the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus. He told that there is a need to be active during pregnancy. Avoid taking too much rest. However, if there is some problem in pregnancy, women are advised to rest. But, under normal circumstances, one should continue to do small household chores. Take doctor’s advice from time to time. Get the necessary tests done. This increases the chances of normal delivery.

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