Use of drone technology to stem damage to crops and body of farmers

Lucknow: The use of drones has not only revolutionized the way surveillance works, it is also helping in making giant strides in Agriculture. Varun (drone) will spray the medicine on the crops  in one acre of field in just 6 minutes. During this sprinkling, only 10 liters of water will be spent. This drone made of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology will not only save human labor but also save a lot of water. So far, about 150 liters of water is spent during the spraying of medicine in one acre of field. Pesticides will also cost less in spraying from drones, which will cause less damage to crops and human body.

Lucknow’s Fly-X startup has prepared Varun drone for use in agriculture. Which can be used in crop analysis with spray. Startup founder Shubham Yadav has been quoted saying that this drone is made of AI and ML technology, due to which it is automatic. If the drone is to be sprayed in two acres of field. The place where the medicine will run out in one acre, it will directly reach the home center and after filling the medicine will start spraying again from the same place where it stopped. Apart from this, if there is any kind of fault, battery drain or any other problem in the drone, then the drone will stop only after reaching the home center. Shubham told that the cost of this drone is five and a half lakh rupees. Which farmers can use on rent or as a group to reduce their expenses.

Drones are being used in many states

Shubham said that this drone is being used for spray in Kushinagar, Varanasi, Mokama of Bihar, Chennai. In many cities it is being used for crop analysis. With the help of this drone, the length and complete health report of the crops can also be prepared. At the same time, Dr. Soni Gupta of the Department of Agriculture operated in the university said that the use of drone technology in agriculture is continuously increasing. Agriculture students of the university will be taught to operate and repair drones. For this, a state-of-the-art drone lab will also be developed in the university.

State-of-the-art agriculture will increase farmers’ income

In the ongoing drone conference at the University’s Deendayal Research Center, agricultural experts said that modern agriculture is necessary to increase the income of farmers. Production and income can increase only by the use of new technology and new species of scientists. University’s media in-charge Dr. Vishal Sharma told that for the first time a drone conference is being held in North India. Agriculture students will be more benefited by this.

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