Use the thrown stones to build your castle : Anupam Kher

Mumbai:  No matter how much better work we do in life, we remain lesser in the eyes of someone or the other. That is to say, it is not necessary that every person is always happy with us. Many times such a situation also comes to the fore, when the person in front accuses you all the time or is trying to tarnish your image in the guise of proving himself better. Although it is very meaningless in itself, it does the job very fast, especially in front of people who have the same sense of humiliation.

Simply put, this is a huge form of jealousy. Now you have to decide how to deal with it. The feeling of revenge will make you stand in the category of these people, while choosing the fruits of positivity from this negativity tree will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Expressing his views on this, veteran actor and motivational speaker, Anupam Kher has written a beautiful line on the indigenous social media platform, Koo App, which is as follows:

Use the stones thrown at you to build your castle! ,

If you think about it, the matter is very deep. People will throw stones at you at many important points in life. This is just the time of examination. Never throw these stones back at them, but collect them and build new homes. When this happens, you must keep going and never give up. You have to prove yourself right, because ultimately it’s a question of your sobriety and truthfulness. A day will come, when you will be hoisting the flag of your success and those people will be standing in the same place with arms, but by then you will have gone a long way from this conspiracy path.

Every person who has ever achieved something great has had to overcome many adversities. Take it as a mantra in your life and keep moving on the path that leads to your destination.

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