Using non invasive surgery two patients in KGMU get a new lease of life

Lucknow: In KGMU, the lives of two patients were saved without opening the chest by the interventional technique. A male patient was referred from Banaras, his main blood vessel had burst from the middle due to high blood pressure. There was also bleeding in the chest, but life was going on due to the accumulation of blood, but there was a danger. The second female patient was coughing up blood, her aorta artery also had a clot. Both the patients were treated in time, under the supervision of Dr. Ved Prakash of Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine, the whole team including Dr. Nitin Arun Dixit, Dr. Saurabh Kumar and Dr. Siddharth Mishra implanted stents in the chest of both the patients by interventional procedure. , the future is secured.

The entire aorta  was torn from the middle till the foot.

Dr. Nitin Dixit told that a 45-year-old male coming from Varanasi was having stomach pain and dizziness. After coming to KGMU, 128 slice CT scan angiography showed that the aorta had ruptured from the middle, bleeding was also happening in the chest where it was torn, due to which the bleeding had stopped, due to which the bleeding had stopped. Also, the entire aorta from chest to toe was torn from the middle but bleeding was not happening. Realizing the seriousness of the disease, interventional procedure was decided with immediate effect and aorta, which carried blood from the leg, reached the main artery in the chest and implanted a stent where the blood had accumulated. The stunt took place at the main point, the rest of the errota would recover on its own. This stunt is longer and more expensive than the heart stunt.

Giving information about the second case 54-year-old woman, Dr. Siddharth Mishra said that the woman was coughing bloody, complaining of chest pain. CT angiography revealed thoracic aortic aneurysm. Usually in such cases the chest is opened in open surgery. In view of the seriousness of the open surgery, interventional procedure was performed and aorta in the thigh, through the main artery supplying blood to various organs, reached the chest with the camera and stunt, where the balloon was made, the stunt was implanted. After which the risk of disease in the woman could be eliminated.

The Radiology team that performed the interventional procedure included Major (Dr.) Nitin Arun Dixit, Dr. Saurabh Kumar, Dr. Siddharth Mishra, Dr. Anit Parihar and Dr. Manoj Kumar. Also Dr.Ved Prakash of Pulmonary Medicine looked after in pre-operative and post-operative.

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