Uttar Pradesh has its fair share of glory at India Mobile Congress 2023

Lucknow: In a noteworthy development, Uttar Pradesh stood out as the only state to have its dedicated Pavilion at the India Mobile Conference 2023 hosted at Pragati Maidan. This move underscored the UP government’s unwavering commitment to nurturing startups and offered a global stage for telecom sector stakeholders to exhibit their capabilities.

The concept of UP’s own Pavilion was initially proposed by PapSwap Policies over Politics, a Policy Engagement Partner StartInUp and swiftly garnered approval and support from  Ravi Ranjan, MD of UPLC.

During the India Mobile Congress, Anil Kumar Sagar, who also serves as the Principal Secretary for Industrial Development, IT Electronics, and Ms Neha Jain, Special Secretary at the Department of IT & Electronics, Government of UP, were warmly received by startups at the UP Pavilion. They engaged in meaningful conversations, inspiring these startups to leverage the potential of 5G and other cutting-edge technologies showcased at IMC 2023 to elevate their solutions.

Beneficiary StartUps

  1. Sorbitol Transmission Private Limited
  2. Prajaatantra tv media network broadcasting private limited
  3. Acquirit Communications Private Limited
  4. CEQU Labs Private Limited
  5. Zui Technologies
  6. Mega Telecom infra-private limited
  7. IDR Research and Development Private Limited
  8. Sedax Data Solutions Private Limited
  9. DM Lot infotech Solutions private Limited
  10. Vyom Digital Services

Uttar Pradesh strategic move to Participating in the India Mobile Congress (IMC) was to offer several benefits for startups, including:

Publicity and Exposure: Startups can gain significant visibility and exposure by showcasing their products and innovations at the IMC. The event attracts a wide range of industry professionals, media, and potential customers, providing an excellent platform to create brand awareness and gain recognition.

Investment Opportunities: IMC often attracts investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors who are looking for promising startups to fund. This can be a valuable opportunity for startups to secure investment and funding for their growth and development.

New Collaborations: The event provides a networking platform for startups to connect with established companies, government agencies, and other startups. This can lead to potential collaborations, partnerships, and business opportunities, which can be instrumental in a startup’s growth.

In summary, StartInUp participating in the India Mobile Congress can be a strategic move for startups to enhance their visibility, secure funding, and forge new collaborations in the dynamic mobile and technology industry

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