Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan recalls literary doyen Nirala on World Hindi Day

Lucknow: On the occasion of World Hindi Day, Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan organized a one-day seminar on ‘Global Perspective of Hindi’ at Hindi Bhawan, Lucknow, along with inauguration of beautified Premchandra Auditorium by  R.P.Singh, Director, UP Hindi Sansthan.  On this occasion, a musical rendition of Nirala Ji’s immortal lines ‘Var De Veena Vadini Var De’ was presented by Ratna Shukla and Sunil Shukla.

Honorable guest Dr. Puranchand Tandon, Dr. Kailash Devi Singh and Ravinandan Singh were welcomed by  R.P.Singh, Director, Uttar Pradesh Hindi Institute.

Director, Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan said that welcome and salutations to all of you in the World Hindi Day celebrations organized by Uttar Pradesh Hindi Sansthan, best wishes to all of you on World Hindi Day. Language and culture shape our personality. The progress of any country is due to its own mother tongue and its culture. We should respect our mother tongue. Along with employment, if the language also builds our personality, then the same language can be the best for the country and the society and can include everyone in itself.

Dr. Ravinandan Singh, who came from Prayagraj, said that ‘Hindi has not been developed in a day. Hindi developed slowly emerging from the dialects. Hindi is a mixture of dialects. There is a wide range of Hindi dialects. It is believed in all cultures that language is a divine gift, but gradually this belief broke down and then language was considered as a gift of the society. Hindi is in its developed form after moving from Kurupdesh. In the society, respect is given only by the language. The creator is self-respecting. According to the survey of Manorama Year Book, Hindi is the second language of the world. In most countries of the world, there are students who speak Hindi and study in universities. Hindi language is being propagated on a large scale through the overseas Indians in the world. Language is the identity of a person. Hindi language is like our mother. Hindi has spread all over the world through various mediums. The challenges before Hindi are no less. Today, efforts are being made to use Hindi on a wide scale in the field of medicine and technology. Foreign writers and creators have also done a lot of work in the field of Hindi. Language may be of a limited area, but the area of literature is included in the comprehensiveness.

Dr. Kailash Devi Singh said that the promotion of Hindi has increased in the world. The number of people learning Hindi has increased. The number of people learning Hindi is continuously increasing in non-Hindi speaking areas. After independence, the non-Hindi speaking regions of the South protested a lot on making Hindi the national language. Today Hindi is expanding widely in India. Language develops on the basis of its utility.

The prestige and recognition of Hindi has increased. Teachers, co-authors, administrators and the people who use it play an important role in promoting a language. India’s prestige has increased in the world due to which the respect and recognition of Hindi language is continuously increasing. We have to try to make our language the language of employment. If the language is employable then the interest in learning will increase. According to the report of UNESCO, Hindi is being widely used and expanded in 137 countries of the world. A lot remains to be done for Hindi.
Scholar Dr. Puranchand Tandon, who came from Delhi, said that ‘the creativity of literature has been very ancient. After independence, which language should be selected for the operation of the governance system, was a big problem. Hindi saw a lot of struggle and period of slavery.

Today, Hindi is continuously increasing on behalf of the United Nations. George Grierson said that India is the richest country in the world in the field of language. Hindi language has the ability to incorporate and assimilate many languages in itself. Hindi sevi organizations have played a very important role in taking Hindi to the world level. Hindi teaching-training work is also being done in South India, which is a pleasant situation. World Hindi Day is organized in various institutions, universities and commissions in the country. Today Hindi is purposefully in front of us. Efforts are being made to make Hindi employable through World Hindi Day and Hindi Day and we are moving towards success. There is a need to imbibe Hindi through thoughts, words and deeds. The language should also be modernised. First we have to respect Hindi itself. Then one should expect to expect from others. Hindi is the language of identity and identity.

On this occasion, Dr. Amita Dubey, Editor-in-Chief, UP Hindi Institute conducted the programme. She expressed gratitude to all the litterateurs, scholars and media persons present in this seminar.

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