Uttar Pradesh working its way towards self reliance in Pulse production

Lucknow: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has set a target of making the state self-reliant in pulses production in the next five years. With the help of experts emphasis will be laid on increasing production and productivity in the coming crop seasons from the current Rabi crop season. It has also started from the current Rabi crop season.

Yogi government distributing free seeds among farmers

According to  information, the Yogi government is distributing free seeds worth Rs 33 crore among the farmers. These seeds are being made available to the farmers in the form of mini kits. This includes 2.5 lakh minikits of gram (16 kg per kit) and lentils (8 kg per kit).

In this way, farmers will get free seeds of 12 thousand quintals of lentils and 16 thousand quintals of improved varieties of gram. Apart from this, according to the utility of the agro-climate zone of the state, seeds of other crops of 28 thousand quintal pulses will also be given free of cost to the farmers.

The production of pulses in Uttar Pradesh is only 40-45 percent relative to the demand. The state government wants to increase it according to the demand in the next five years.

The farmers affected by the weather will get relief as well as the production of pulses will also increase. This decision of the government will have two benefits. Farmers affected by the drought of August and the unexpected floods of October will get relief from getting agricultural input of improved varieties in the form of seeds.

Along with this, the production and area of ​​pulses will also increase according to the intention of the hospital. This is the reason that in this scheme, the government has given priority to the two lakh hectares of land in which farmers could not sow Kharif due to drought. Along with this, priority will also be given to those farmers who are more affected by drought and floods.

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