V Day horoscope: Your love predictions from Cupid’s Desk

Aries – You turn the heat upside down this time. You try and know your suitor better before diving into a relation. Developing a friendship is a good starting point. Need for emotional intimacy highest. Make you start off with an honest conversation.

Taurus – Having seen deaths and rebirths, you are at your best form for love. Not everybody around you is going to be at your level. Not your partner. Give love some time. It’s good idea to release unrealistic expectations.

Gemini- The past haunts you. The truth is its a to hell and back feel. Deep-rooted issues have helped achieve inner balance. The divine union will not be seamless. Opposites attract, they could oppose too.

Cancer – Home and family have been important. You’re likely to start afresh, in a home of your own. Property matters will take centre stage and many of you will feel inspired. Singles be ready to mix and mingle.

Leo – You don’t have to agree always. You are open to both your heart and your mind to understand others. You grow individually, and as a couple. If you cannot have children, consider adoption.

Virgo – You are getting the right feels this time on in love and other intoxicants. Others are at war with demons. You get frustrated fast. Be patient and hold space to meet you where you are. Its a starry union this time.

Libra – Birth, recreation and resurrection will keep the Libran in you alive. You are at a beautiful place depending on where you are in your journey. You hope of a better tomorrow, a life with love, and a soul connection.

Scorpio – It not another day but trouble in paradise. You face the brunt of your loves bad decisions. May be having to clock in a few extra hours. No time for love and romance. Single Scorpions have trouble finding love. Lots of matches come your way.

Sagittarius – Things are looking uncertain. You could be very well caught off-guard. You learn the art to surrender. Communication is also going to be an important theme, and you’ll push to move past your inhibitions You’ve got your whole life ahead of you so start living.

Capricorn – You’ve done your best to make things work. Not about winning or losing. It’s about accepting the cycle of life. If a relation does not work move forward. You then learn to love and care. Sometimes, it’s best to agree to disagree.

Aquarius – Real love is better than a storybook romance. Real love is messy too. Stop saying ‘no’ when you can say ‘yes’. Don’t play hide-and-go-seek. It is magnificent in many ways. Stay open no matter what.

Pisces – You’re on the right track. You feel like you’re up against a wall. Your partner feels a threat from your success, a trigger making them behave in a way that’s unlike them. Passion that brought you together will be reignited.

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