Virender Sehwag feels Rishabh Pant comes closer to his style

Mumbai: Virender Sehwag’s accomplishments are still praised nine years after his retirement. The former India batsman revolutionized Test cricket’s opening position with his distinct, aggressive, and fearless demeanor. Sehwag’s school of crazy showed the world how good batting while having fun might be long before Bazball ever existed.

Sehwag played some of the craziest knocks of that period when he was active. Viru understood how to go big and long, scoring two triple century and several double hundreds.

Because of this, it perplexes me in some way when modern-day youth are compared to Sehwag. The clichéd statement “He reminds me of Sehwag” is sometimes used by one former cricketer or another, despite the differences between the two. The two cricketers Sehwag has been likened to most among the current generation of Indian stars are Prithvi Shaw and Rishabh Pant. And as one could imagine. Although being diametrically opposed to one another, Pant and Shaw often come up alongside Sehwag when discussing their flamboyant and aggressive playing style. Nevertheless, when it comes to himself, Sehwag has rejected these parallels, claiming that no other player in the current Indian lineup bats in a manner similar to his own.

“There isn’t a guy on the Indian squad, in my opinion, who hits like me. Prithvi Shaw and Rishabh Pant are the guys who immediately sprang to mind as having gone close to it. I believe Rishabh Pant bats something similarly to how I used to play Test cricket, but he is pleased with 90–100 whereas I used to reach 200, 250, and 300 before being satisfied. I believe he can further amuse the crowd if he takes his game to that level “On News18 India Chaupal, Sehwag stated.

Sehwag accomplished the feat again, once at home against South Africa four years later and once against Pakistan in 2004, making him the first Indian cricketer to record a triple-century in a Test match. The next year, Sehwag came agonizingly close to recording his third triple in Tests but was outscored by seven runs. Sehwag always took a chance while batting; often, it paid off, but sometimes it didn’t. Sehwag stood out from the crowd due to his philosophy of maintaining his approach during various parts of his innings. Sehwag batted with the same purpose whether he was batting on 0 or 99. This is why.

“When I played tennis ball cricket, my goal was to score more runs by hitting more boundaries. In order to determine how many boundaries I would need to hit in order to achieve a century, I utilized the same formula while playing international cricket. I used to go for boundaries so that the opponent would only have two balls to stop me from reaching the triple digit mark if I was on 90 and needed 10 balls to reach 100. From 100 to 200, the danger percentage rate decreased “referred to the previous India opening.

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