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Aries – You are looking at implementing major financial plans.  You show a strong reliance on people.
Monetary gains are not brushed aside. Take your own health or the health of a family member more seriously.
Get a new diet, physical activity, consultation with a doctor, therapy or other treatment.

Taurus – You are heading for a personally disappointing week. New things or situations will appear in your life. Eventually brighter things lie ahead. Favourable development of your professional contacts with people.
Taurus men will have a very favorable time and luck to achieve important results, for appearances at work or in public life.

Gemini – You are strongly committed to solving old problems. New circumstances emerge in your life.
You will have to make higher expenses for your home or family. You are required to have more control over your family budget. Many of you will have to prepare a gift for a loved one who will have a birthday or other special holiday. You will monitor the development of health problems of a person you know longer than planned.

Cancer – You could lay the lazy bone as you expect others to do your job. A good opportunity to make new professional or business contacts. You try hard to develop or deepen these relationships aiming for long-term cooperation in the field. Think carefully about your idea or plan for additional or temporary work.

Leo – This week you are surprised by the decision or action of a loved one. You feel a sense of loss or failure, but you emerge stronger. In a week, you talk about an upcoming trip that you will take alone or with other loved ones. Young men and women will make some important plans with friends.

Virgo – You are surprised by guests who may arrive from another city or country. You experience pleasant emotions with them.You will experience different events. Avoid putting pressure on events related to the realization of your plans. Young men and women will be part of various gatherings and events.

Libra – You feel a tinge of dissatisfaction over actions of a member of your family. You see changes in your travel plan. You may experience a stressful situation involving people from another locality.You will experience some kind of separation or unpleasant event with a person from your circle of friends. An awkward, conflicted or unpleasant situation likely.

Scorpio – This week will be full of surprises. You will have an important conversation with a woman who will determine your plans for next week. You will have the opportunity to resume your professional or business relationships or commitments. Important to maintain your independence and individuality.

Sagittarius – Changes at homefront likely. There is a reason, time and place for every event in life.You will have many contacts with old and new friends. You make new acquaintances with people who will enrich your worldview and knowledge in various areas of life. You will be happy with money that will improve the family budget or you will receive a document related to future income.

Capricorn – You have a week ahead of you in which you will face the stubbornness of a child in your family.
A negative attitude towards the problems of people in your home. Try accepting the events of their personal lives in a more philosophical way. Disputes and conflicts this week can deepen unpleasantly. Avoid panic in your financial affairs, as the week will have something to make you happy.

Aquarius – You have the opportunity to renew your previous love or friendship. An auspicious week to start a new love affair with a partner from another locality or country. You do a complete rewind to go back in the past. Learn from your life experience and accept events in your present times. You may experience mild health problems. Avoid contact with government or legal authorities.

Pisces – Be careful while giving your personal belongings to other people. There is a danger that they will be lost or damaged. Future of a friendly relationship will be decided this week. You are required to have patience and self-control. Be careful and sensible when talking about money. The week unfavorable for taking a loan.

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