Weekly Horoscope – 8 to 14 November



You will travel out for an important task for an important event. You will find it a happy time with a birth. Expect successful developments with projects and ideas. Stress will be high and circumstances complex. Keep going boldly, because you have embarked on path of successful change.Important contracts likely to go through.


You may experience a conflict with a stranger who always opposes you. Dispute may be about property or belongings that you own. Positive experiences in love life likely. Favourable week for judicial and legal cases. Property related cases could get resolved. Child or grandchild will need attention.


This week shouldn’t be wasted, irrespective of if you are at your home or not. This will be a fateful time for important events for future. Something big is coming your way. Concentrate on your professional duties. Men will need to communicate more with women. Avoid relying on others for problem solving. Not favorable for engaging in cases related to property.

Cancer –

The week will create travel problems or difficulties for young men and women. Be careful while driving. Follow traffic rules. Engage emotionally or otherwise with problems in lives of relatives in another locality. Time to clear things up, without unpleasant consequences. A tense week ahead, which will cause more and unnecessary tension in relationships.


People of this Sunsign will have to solve a household, property or transport problem personally. Try not relying on help of friends, as you will not like result of their actions. Unpleasant conflict likely. Special incomes will not come that easy. Be careful with financial affairs. Avoid engaging in gossip or unverified information.

Virgo –

This week will be surprising in some ways. It will be beneficial for development personally or professionally. You have reasons to consider actions related to financial resources. You could roll in wealth this week. Information you receive during the week will change travel plans. A health problem of a relative or friend likely.


Use time and energy to stabilize intimate, romantic or marital relation. Aim for greater communication with friends, including those you forgot to communicate with. Expect a surprpsie phone call from someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Bad news not ruled out. Be careful if you order goods.


Week of pleasant events and surprises which inject optimism. Will feel luck is on your side. Make most of chances given to you. Follow offers or news related to work or business. Additional income or part-time work likely. Love and family relationships on test this week.


Enjoy purchase, acquisition or something else. Being successful in a competition and winning a prize very likely. A law suit could swing to your favour. Success in buying or selling property possible. Favorable week for finding way out of unpleasant situations. If you have a love affair this week you will resolve a misunderstanding in your relationship.


Sty positive as a new job is likely. Expect new additions to your team. Expect successful development of started projects, professional or business activity. A beneficial effect on treatment of a relative with a health problem not ruled out. Could be prone to unnecessary panic, anxiety or fear.


Expect more conversations and meetings with people from near and far. Welcome an event or engagement for someone from your circle of relatives. Some actions could trouble in your personal or professional life. Not a favourable week for travel. It is possible to organize or be part of a gathering this week.


A week of love, intimate and romantic experiences ahead. Use week to make new acquaintances with people. Favorable week for financial transactions. Could be surprised by unexpected money. Problems at home will be due to character of a person in your family. May experience concerns about unexpected payments.

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