Weekly Horoscope: read what your stars tell about you

Aries – Time to face financial challenges headon and rethink budgets. Delays in salaries are not ruled out. You suddenly turn cautious while spending. People though are generous with you. You bond better.

Taurus – These are times for a professional development and you make every attempt to make an impression. You make impactful moves. You are very clear about what is demanded from you. You are confident and get positive attention. You are poised to take a step in the right direction.

Gemini – It is only business as usual for you. Outcomes can be varied in possibility. You see an impact on your worldview. Your clarity on your belief is at its best. You make constant changes in the way you work. Some discomfort a possibility. New beginnings in areas of education, travel, and good old paperwork.

 Cancer – There are growing discussions around intimacy, shared objects, death, and taxes. You could be comparing yourself to other people and what they have. Remember things that you do have. Time for endings and beginnings, and this one is particularly transformational.

Leo – You are busy sorting out agreements with others. Shared responsibilities are visibilities. You try reasoning out a confusion with somebody. Time to be patient with other people. A disagreement could also get you going your ways. Your faith in others is unwavering.

Virgo – You’re used to dealing with inconveniences or miscommunications. Your schedule is sorted and productivity is good. You shuffle things around and reorganize your priorities. Greater clarity around your daily commitments. Make good habits that help you. It’s easier to start something than to stop something.

Libra – You revisiting old projects. You are also reaching out to old friends and lovers. Lot of affection  for others. Good time to get over sourness and disappointments. Look at the bigger picture. Get a fresh perspective on hookups, friends, and creativity. Old ideas can help inspire you.

Scorpio – Lot happening in your private life and you’re totally in the loop right now. You’re getting more information about things unclear or hidden. Relationships challenge your ideas. There seem to be disappointments and confrontations. There’s a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Sagittarius – You are soaking in nostalgia right now. Good time to go through old emails, text messages, and journals. You are way too poetic about everything that life is all about. Get inspired and learn more. Lot of good offers on the table. Take it one step at a time.

Capricorn – You are all set to mint money. You make those crucial money moves. You figure out what it takes to support yourself. You redefine your relationship to money. There can easily be delays in receiving a paycheque. Focus on personal resources, reinvigorate your budget.

 Aquarius – Good time for Aquarians. You try to getting your point across. You make some adjustments. You enjoy your moment of clarity. There is some frustration at home. Confidence and positivity guide you. Perfect time to set intentions for how you will take care of yourself.

Pisces – Lot happening behind the curtain. You are expected to maintain your appearance all the while. You discover new parts of yourself. Time to get a broader perspective on things. Time to catch up on your rest. You make a sexy impression on your friends and followers.

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