What your Tarot Foretells For January 2023

Prem Panjwani

Aries – January  2023 will bode well for the people belonging to this sunsign. This will be a month for healing. There will be a feel good factor. The good work will get the support of people. Most important activities will happen on Thursday.

Taurus – The month will prove highly beneficial for relationships and friendships. This will be the month when you will be meeting old friends whom you value. Many of your good friends will help yu when you need them the most.

Gemini – From the travel and spiritual enlightenment point of view you will be at a better wicket. Monetary returns will be much better. But things will only fall in place if one plans things better with things being systematic.

Cancer – Expects good returns in terms of money. In the worksphere expect growth and expansion. Try helping people without an inherent ego or bias. Be open hearted when it comes to lending  helping hand.

Leo – Talking of health, be very careful about mental health. Be very sure that you are mentally at ease and are not taking too much stress. Avoid hasty decisions. Plan things well, as good plans will take you places.

Virgo – Make best of the opportunities and ensure that you prioritize your things well. Do not hesitate in sayingthings. If required you should not say no for good. This way you will be at a better wicket.

Libra – Undoubtedly January is the time when all your wishes will be fulfilled. All your pending work will be completed. You will get name and fame. This is the time when people will start trusting you. You cannot rule out big economic benefits that are likely to come your way.

Scorpio – In the year of 2023 things will be good on the family front and also when it comes to good relatives. Relationships will prove to be beneficial. A likeliness towards you will increase. Try to keep a control on your tongue because that is a bit of spoiler when it comes to relations. Meanwhile do not rule out the chances of family issues cropping up.

Sagittariius – Whatever you do, do it openly, if you have to say something. Say it openly. Plan big and plan well. Steer clear of poor implementation. Avoid financially weak strategy. Once they are factored in, you will surely progress. Yellow cloth on your body would prove to be a good omen.

Capricorn – Focus on aspects like safety, relations and health. If you delay some decisions by a month, you will be a better position. Keeping a check on oneself will help in better health and relations.

Aquarius – Avoid overthinking. Try implementing well. This is very important for any new work or new relations. Be open to suggestions and those who are people with a sly character and not right will fall flat. People with good behaviour will rise.

Pisces – On the economic front, this month will be a good one with new plans ushering in a new ray of hope. The individual will be pumped up with future possibilities. Try doing most important things on Friday. Opportune time for good partnerships.

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