What’s your coming week looking like

Aries – You have an idea and that comes in handy to corner your opponent by planning an attack. The week sees you embroiled in a family problem. You are caught in knots that fail attempts of unravelling. You see a very clear divide in loyalties. You have a big role to play as a peacemaker. Be careful in your communication, despite your good intentions. Double check texts before sending.

Taurus – This week, you may shift from a traditional thought to embrace a new idea. Taurus, you’re on a new path. You may be reviewing an important contract, unraveling legalities and looking up terms only a lawyer would know. This could be a contract for employment or to buy a business. It’s better to know what you’re getting into. You may be thinking of having a friend move in or doing a real estate deal together. Continue the discussion today as you hammer out the details.

Gemini – Negotiations come to a happy conclusion. This is time for a new phase to start. Today, you could be looking to disentangle yourself from debt and obligations. Good day to consider a government-backed loan for your small business. Answering an email too quickly could send you scrambling. Check twice when sending documents, especially when using group texts or “reply all.”

Cancer – You get a spiritual helping hand this week.  You have access to powerful people. Visualize who you would like to meet and what you would do together. Consider doing a goal board with pictures and names of individuals you admire. You may have a great desire to travel, and yet you also have a need to make money and pay rent.

Leo – A promise is broken today, or someone may be bending the truth. You might fail to get a bank or institution may not give you the interest rate. It is also likely an investment may not come through as you had hoped. Important to invest in things you are familiar with. Your guardian angel is with you, watching over you and helping guide you in the right direction.

Virgo – You are now under spotlight as you move from background to center stage.  You are well placed to make an important decision in your life. You might be asking for advice about a love relationship, pregnancy, or adoption. You take a friend over to the animal shelter to help you pick out a puppy. Your intuition may be on alert, but it’s quite likely you’re on psychic overload.

Libra – After collecting the information you need this week, you benefit by working quietly behind the scenes. You can build a strong foundation for creating the success you want. Plan to start a business or launch your career. Be flexible with plans involving friends. Libra, this week there are challenges with timetables and calendars.

Scorpio – A monetary windfall is possible. This week, you could have a big payday. You love to know the truth, and this combination can reveal whatever you want to know. You are fast turning into a keeper of secrets. You can also see meaning in your own actions. Your inner life is revealed in what you are drawn to. You feel as if you are blocked from the pleasurable aspects of your job. Good time to talk to your supervisor.

Sagittarius – From student you have now turned teacher.  You could soon have a breakthrough, a visceral understanding of how to reach your financial goal. All of a sudden you rework your finances from top to bottom. You have pledged to be frugal until debts are paid. Focus your energy on achieving the biggest sale in your career. After lying low, you are finally joining the big league.

Capricorn – Completing necessary paperwork helps usher in an opportunity. Don’t let perfectionism hold you back. A love relationship is available, but can feel overwhelming. Great day to connect, and feels like you would rather do anything else. There could be hassles today around signing a contract. Negotiations and compromises needed to get what you want.

Aquarius – A great partnership with someone could lead to great benefits. You are all set to strike a deal. In your house of work success comes from small building blocks stacked one on top of another. Practice compounds to bring you expertise and success. Work behind the scenes on something that moves you, such as your music, art, or writing.

Pisces – Your romantic intentions stand revealed.  You’re the object of someone’s admiration. A friend could become much, much more. It all would start with a warm hug.  If you’re looking for love, this is an excellent day to post your online profile. You procrastinate for one of two reasons. Either the work is too difficult or it’s just too boring. Good time to eliminate work that is no longer of interest to you

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