Why is it necessary to have a correct name? – J.P. Tolani 

Mumbai: Everyone on this earth is born with the karma of his previous birth, with his fate playing a significant role.

Numerology has existed for more than 1500 years, and what makes it all the more interesting is that it is valued and embraced by society today. It has been proved that while a wrong name may bring all kinds of troubles in one’s life, a correct name, on the other hand, can bring immense success. Well-known numerologist J.P. Tolani  has made many revelations based on this.

The surname (last name) also plays an essential part in name numerology. Since a person is born with the deeds (karma) of his previous birth, he receives a distinctive family accordingly.

Name numerology is a scientific and proven method that has proved to be helpful for millions of people across the world who achieved success after improving their names. Many Indian stars, such as Rajkumar Rao, Ayushmann Khurrana, and Ajay Devgan, are living examples of this, and it is clear that they have become successful after renaming their name.

In numerology, by correcting their name, a person gets the desired result, as it changes his mindset and personality, motivating him to achieve his goals. When a person corrects his name, he does not need to take other measures (wear stones or worship, etc.) to get the desired result. After performing the rituals, the vibrations of the name start working in the interest of the person.

Many factors are considered while correcting a name, such as the placement or growth matrix of letters, pronouns, relationship with birth and fortune numbers, full name numbers, compound numbers, etc. Only a good numerologist can give the right advice for correcting a name.

According to numerology, a wrong name can create obstacles or instability in life and profession. Similarly, choosing the wrong career can bring conflict in a person’s life. But with the help of numerology, we can know what kind of profession a person should choose to get success in life.

For example, an excess of the number 1 (it consists of A, I, J, Q, and Y) in your name can delay your chances of marriage as well as weaken your immune system, while the number 5 (contains E, H, N, and X) can give create conflict regarding the profession.
Name numerology can solve all the worries in a person’s life in modern times.

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