Why is the grand old party treading with caution in the runup to 2024 ?

New Delhi: Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge has given a big statement in the meeting of opposition parties held in Bengaluru in the past. He has made it clear to the opposition parties in this meeting that his party is not interested in power or the post of Prime Minister.

He is fighting together with everyone to protect India’s constitution, democracy and secularism. With this announcement by the Congress President, the issue of Prime Ministerial candidature among the opposition parties seems to be over for the time being.

This time there seems to be a consensus among the opposition parties that the general elections should be contested without any face. In such a situation, the question is arising in the minds of many people that why has the Congress, which has been adamant on the post of Prime Minister, suddenly taken this decision?

Opposition unity

The performance of the Congress in the last two Lok Sabha elections has been very poor. In such a situation, it also realizes that it alone cannot defeat the BJP in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Rahul Gandhi is the natural face of the Prime Minister’s post from the Congress, but many leaders of the opposition parties will not agree on his name. In such a situation, to avoid controversy, the Congress has not expressed its claim on this post at present.

Confusion even on Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has been sentenced to 2 years in the Modi surname defamation case. Due to this, his parliament membership has also been cancelled and he has been banned from contesting elections for six years. In such a situation, it is not even decided whether Rahul Gandhi will be able to contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections or not.


Some people are also calling this decision of Congress a masterstroke. In fact, there is a general opinion among the opposition parties that wherever the party is strong, it should give a fight to the BJP there. At present, the Congress is the only party in the opposition which can take on the BJP across the country. Rest of the parties are strong in their respective fields.

In such a situation, if the opposition parties win the Lok Sabha elections, then it is almost certain that Congress will be the biggest opposition party. Therefore, Congress can stake its claim on the post of Prime Minister after the election results. Therefore, by taking this decision, the Congress has put an end to the dispute for the time being.

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