Winning the love of audience all over the country, Pushpa Impossible is the unconventional journey of Pushpa, striving to earn a life of respect and dignity

The unstoppable Pushpa and her endearing family reach Bhopal

Bhopal: Standing tall in the face of adversity and dealing with every difficulty with a smile on her face, Pushpa is a boisterous, unpretentious, and hardworking single mother, and lifeline of not only her family but neighbours too. Garnering critical acclaim, and audience love alike, Pushpa Impossible has become an inspiration for women watching the show, with her positive demeanour, unabashed grit, and resilience. With a story that’s relatable yet so motivating and moving, the show underlines a woman’s
stellar transition from a victim of fate to a champion of her destiny. Pushpa Impossible airs on Sony
SAB from Monday to Saturday at 09:30 PM.

Whether it is convincing her family and school board to accept her admission to school, face the torment of her landlord, or the many other obstacles that Pushpa is forced to confront in her daily life, viewers are loving Pushpa for her unforgettable one-liners, her entrepreneurial nature, and her never-give-up attitude to overcome every situation that life puts before her. And today, Pushpa along
with Ashwin (Navin Pandita), Dipti (Garima Parihar) and creator JD Majethia, have come to the wonderful city of Bhopal to thank the audience for their unconditional love.

Karuna Pandey, said, “The journey for Pushpa’s character has been nothing short of a herculean task, and at every step of the way she’s had to not only work twice as hard but also overcome societal pressures and notions. Playing this role has been enlightening for me, as I have realized that the challenges faced by women are even more daunting that those faced by men. And I believe the reality and honesty of the show and our characters has helped us garner so much love and appreciation from viewers all over. We’re here in Bhopal to thank and give some of that love to our  loyal fans, who continue to support and enjoy the show.”

Garima Parihar essaying the role of Dipti, said, “I didn’t realise the difference a show can make in real life, until I joined the show. In fact, we’ve come across some women who are the living embodiment of Pushpa, and so many more who are inspired to now follow their aspirations no matter how big or small. The love we’ve received is incomparable and we’d like to thank our viewers
in Bhopal for their unconditional love for the show.”

Naveen Pandita playing Ashwin, said, “God created men and women equal, yet we all know how often women are made to take the tougher and longer route to the same destination. Pushpa Impossible is an eye-opener, that once a woman puts her mind to something, not even destiny can stop her from achieving her dreams and goals. Our hearts are overjoyed with the overwhelming
response to our show, and we can’t thank viewers enough for it.”


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