With open rebellion by Shivpal Yadav will the MY factor take a beating ?

Lucknow: Shivpal Yadav met Azam Khan in jail on Friday and has targeted his elder brother Mulayam Singh Yadav for the first time. This kind of changed attitude of Shivpal has also caused uneasiness in SP. Now it seems that he has decided to take a different path for himself.  Whether his role in the family, in Saifai or in Yadav Land is full of ambition, the conflict will only escalate. Because now the role will change.

If Azam Khan and Shivpal come together, then the MY of Samajwadi Party i.e. Muslim-Yadav equation can get spoilt. If Muslims in UP rallied with Azam Khan, then SP’s big loss is certain. In this election, the SP has got about 90 percent of the Muslim vote. Most of the Muslim MLAs won seats in Western UP because of Muslim votes.

If both of them together form a party, then it is bound to create a difficult situation for the SP. If Owaisi also comes along in this, then this alliance will be stronger. In fact, Mulayam Singh Yadav, who has been playing the role of the head of the family for a long time, had largely fixed the role of his family members in politics.

Before Akhilesh became the CM, Mulayam was the only one. The work of party organization was the responsibility of Shivpal. Shivpal has also been working on the strategy of forming a front by tying up with other small parties. Amar Singh looked after the work of building relationships with the corporate world.

Ram Gopal Yadav has been the face of SP in Parliament for a long time. It is his responsibility to make the SP role relevant in the politics of Delhi. Janeshwar Mishra, Mohan Singh, Madhukar Dighe and other socialists used to do the work of keeping the ideological side firmly.

Over time many leaders died. After Akhilesh became the CM, the power got out of hand and the internal strife in the SP or rather Mulayam family is increasing instead of stopping.

He has been in the role of Lakshman and sometimes Hanuman for Mulayam throughout his politics. When Akhilesh was made the state president after removing Shivpal from the post of state president, he silently accepted the decision of the party leadership. When Akhilesh was put forward for the post of CM, even then he was feeling sad but did not even say that.

Be it the case of Amar Singh or the case of Azam Khan leaving the party. Shivpal Yadav did not publicly express his differences on any issue. When the power struggle was going on in SP and Shivpal said that he is ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of unity. We have left everything to Netaji. We are ready to make Akhilesh the CM again.

As SP leader and later as Praspa President, Shivpal always kept saying that whatever Mulayam Singh says will be acceptable to all of us. The same Shivpal is now accusing Mulayam of not giving a sit-in for Azam Khan and not raising questions in the Lok Sabha. This is the first time this has happened. Whenever there was a crisis of political manipulation for the party, Shivpal played a leading role. Be it internal issues of the party or family issues, the brothers always stood by each other.

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