Yogi government puts curbs on purchase of foreign coal

Lucknow: The private sector independent power producers will also have to cancel the tenders floated in this regard due to non-permission of the state government to buy foreign coal. The reason is that neither the government nor the power corporation management will compensate for the cost of electricity from imported coal.

The chairman of the Uttar Pradesh State Electricity Consumer Council had filed a petition in the regulatory commission demanding a ban on imported coal due to the cost of electricity from foreign coal by one rupee per unit.

The Commission had summoned the Power Corporation Management for a reply. As an additional expenditure of about Rs 11 thousand crore was coming from foreign coal, the management had sought permission from the government. Since the government has not given permission, the tender process will no longer be done by the State Electricity Generation Corporation to buy foreign coal.

It is worth noting that independent power producers in the private sector, Rosa, Bajaj, Lanco, etc. have floated tenders to buy foreign coal. If permission is not given by the government, now everyone will have to cancel the tender.

Council President Awadhesh Verma, who filed a petition to ban foreign coal, met the Principal Secretary Energy and Production Corporation’s Managing Director on Tuesday, expressing his gratitude to the Chief Minister for not allowing him to buy foreign coal.

Verma said that the Chief Minister, despite the pressure of the Central Government, had taken such a decision and proved that the interest of three crore consumers would always be safe under him.

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