Yogi govt installing panic buttons and CCTVs in city buses & cabs to ensure safety of women during travel

Lucknow :  In an attempt to ensure safety of girls, women and the elderly people during their travel, the Yogi government is installing panic buttons along with CCTV cameras in the city buses of the Transport department, as well as in Ola and Uber cabs in 17 municipal corporations of the state and Gautam Buddha Nagar under the Safe City Project.

Additionally, these CCTV cameras and panic button are being integrated with UP-112 by the Transport Department. This integration allows passengers to seek help by pressing the panic button in case of any emergency during their journey. When the signal is

– CCTV and panic buttons are being installed under the Safe City project in UP
– UP govt to integrate all CCTV and panic buttons to be installed in city buses and Ola-Uber with UP-112

received, the UP-112 team will be activated and provide immediate assistance. This will ensure a pleasant and safe travel experience for the passengers through CCTVs.

*Budget proposal sent to government for CCTV and panic button in Uber*

On behalf of the Transport Department, testing is being done by CRISIL Company to install CCTV cameras and panic buttons in city buses and integrate them with UP-112. Soon, CCTV cameras and panic button will be integrated with UP-112. Additionally, the work of testing integration with Uber has been completed by the Transport Department.

An MoU is on the anvil between the Transport department and Uber for the installation of CCTV cameras and panic buttons. Along with this, a proposal of Rs 9.912 lakh for installation of CCTVs and panic buttons has been made and sent to the government. Once the government approves the proposal, the installation of CCTV cameras and panic buttons in Uber will commence.

On the other hand, a company has been instructed to provide revised facial recognition software (FRS) and technical commercials for integration with Ola. Furthermore, under the Safe City project, 1861 hotspots have been identified in the state for cases of harassment and molestation of women. Out of these, 656 highly sensitive locations are being continuously patrolled by the police.

*More than 1.5 lakh elderly people were identified*

Under the Safe City Project, a special campaign (Savera Scheme) was run by UP-112 in 17 Municipal Corporations and Gautam Buddha Nagar to help the elderly. Through the campaign, 1,52,139 elderly people living alone and elderly couples were identified and verified.

Out of these, maximum number of 1,24,972 elderly people were identified and verified in Ghaziabad. At the second position, 5245 elders were identified from Kanpur and at the third position, 3864 elders from Agra were identified.

During the campaign, beat officers met with nearly 148,933 elderly individuals and addressed their issues. Most interactions were with 123,862 elderly individuals in Ghaziabad. Similarly, interactions were carried out with 2,340 elderly individuals in Moradabad, 2,544 in Mathura, and 2,362 in Kanpur, and their problems were addressed.

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