Yogi’s attack on SP – you were identified with One District-One Mafia!

Manoj Srivastava / Lucknow.

Speaking on the size of the budget presented for the financial year 2023-24, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath fiercely attacked the SP. In his own style, Yogi said, “One District One Product” gave global recognition to our government, the state in your government was identified with One District-One Mafia. He said that this budget shows the development in the state’s economy in the last six years.

Yogi quelled all opposition from the SP camp by keeping a comparative figure of his six years of development with the SP government from 2012 to 2017. However, Leader of Opposition Akhilesh Yadav was absent at the time of Yogi’s address. He said that before 2017 the size of the budget was three lakh 40 thousand crore whereas this time we have presented a budget of Rs 6 lakh 90 thousand crore. You had made UP a sick state, we are moving towards making it the second economy of the country. He said we will make it the largest economy of the country in the next five years.

He further attacked the SP saying that you raised mafias in the state and forced the state to go backward on the scale of development. We have given One District One Product to promote small and cottage industries. You had given ‘One District One Mafia’. Seeing the Leader of the Opposition’s chair empty in the House, the Chief Minister said that you have insulted the players, artists and small entrepreneurs of the state.

There are two ways in front of every problem. Run away for a solution or run away seeing the problem. Just as the chair of the Leader of the Opposition (Akhilesh Yadav) is vacant now, similarly the previous government of the state used to run away from the problems. Speaking with force, the Chief Minister said that I am happy to inform that our state is a revenue surplus state today. The increased revenue that we have today is becoming the basis of public welfare. The basis for the welfare of the poor, farmers, mothers and daughters is being formed. It is becoming the basis for developing world class infrastructure. UP, which was made sick by you people, today it has recovered from the disease and is emerging as a big economy of the country. I can say that let our first ground breaking happen, UP will be number two economy, it will be the leading economy of the country in five years. We have not imposed any additional tax on the public in the last five years. The price of petrol diesel is lowest in UP, compare it with neighboring states. The business class is eager to give GST in UP.

More than 26 lakh traders have registered for GST and are continuously doing so. The government has made available a security insurance cover of Rs 10 lakh to every trader.

The Chief Minister further said that you were talking about Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar, everyone knows what happened between 2012 and 2017. In 2016-17, the then government had stopped the scholarship of 21 lakh 21 thousand 629 students belonging to scheduled castes and tribes. When our government came to power in March 2017, we had given scholarship for both the years together.

These people used to commit dacoity on the rights of Dalits, poor, deprived and backward, when nothing happens, they do the work of shouting caste. If no issue is found, an attempt is made to divert the attention of the society by raising the issue of caste.

Recently the leader of the opposition Akhilesh Yadav raised questions about the government’s efforts regarding One District, One Product, and on Wednesday, CM Yogi responded to his allegations. He said that One District One Product has given new life to MSMEs. As a result of this, UP has become the hub of exports. UP today is providing more than double the employment as compared to 2016-17. In 21-22, our export of 1 lakh 56 thousand crores has reached only in 21-22. He said in a cheeky way that you could not give ODOP, but definitely gave one district one mafia. Which was the district where there was not a mafia. Somewhere there was organized crime, somewhere mining, somewhere there was forest mafia, every common man of UP knows this. Yogi further said that I am happy that our government presented the innovative scheme of One District One Product to the MSMEs of the state within the country and within the world. Today it has become a popular scheme of the world. When the Prime Minister today goes around the world and gifts a replica of One District One Product, the artist’s work gets global recognition. Instead of being proud of it, ridiculing it is like making fun of our handicrafts. We are discouraging them when we should be encouraging them, they are part of our heritage. For you it may be part of the caste, for us it is to give respect to the art of a craftsman.

Be it welfare schemes, vaccine or ration, the beneficiary was not selected by looking at someone’s caste. During the discussion on the budget, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that tests, vaccines and ration were not imposed on the basis of caste. We did the work of taking the benefits of the schemes and development to everyone with full strength. What were the opposition parties talking about? Caste hi caste. Yesterday, the entire television was full of color regarding the incident in Prayagraj. The photos of the conspirator of the entire incident were going viral. One cannot run away from it. Shaking hands, the symbol of your party is behind, yet you are doing the work of turning away. Did Umesh Pal, Sandeep Nishad have no caste? Means you have taken the contract of caste but will get any poor, backward person killed by giving protection to professional criminals. Didn’t Raju Pal have any caste, who was the patron of this mafia when Raju Pal was murdered. Raju Pal had become an MLA on his own. You talk about caste. I said the same thing last time also. You laugh when we talk about development, infrastructure, making UP’s economy one trillion. Today the journey has progressed much further than where you had left the state. Uttar Pradesh will become one trillion economy and will definitely become so. There should be no doubt about it.

Talking about the responsibilities of the government, Chief Minister Yogi said that we have a collective responsibility towards such a big state. All of us are sitting here as the representatives of 25 crore people. The Leader of the Opposition was saying that if you had gone to Davos, a proposal of 50 lakh crores would have come. That is, they believe that offers have come. These proposals worth Rs 34.09 lakh crore have come. This is a symbol of public trust and credibility of the government. Why didn’t this come before 2017. The people of the state and the world would not have forgotten the incident of 2013, when Howard had gone for a presentation on Kumbh and Chachajan had to go through the search. Where did we take the state? Had there been an attempt to take UP forward in any one field, the results would have been different. Praising the budget of 2022-23, the Chief Minister said that if you see in this budget, all the promises made by us to the public have been included in it. In the 2022 elections, the party had promised 130 resolutions while releasing the Lok Kalyan Sankalp Patra. Budget has been arranged for 110 out of 130 resolutions. An amount of 64,700 crores has been arranged for this. This amount has been arranged for the poor, farmers, youth and women.

Taking a dig at the Leader of the Opposition, he said that earlier you used to issue manifestos. Big announcements were made, nothing happened. In 2016, Rio de Janeiro Olympics players, PV Sindhu from badminton, Sakshi Malik in wrestling and Dipa Karmakar in gymnastics had announced one crore each. Nothing was done in 6 months, then the public did not leave anything worth doing. When we got the information, on January 26, 2018, we provided the amount on behalf of the state government. What did you do apart from making announcements, we resolve and act on that basis.

Regarding financial management, CM Yogi said that the leaders of the opposition parties were reading our Sankalp Patra. How should be the financial management. In what form did tax evasion take place? How they obstructed the development of the state. CAG report and report will be available in various investigations. Yamuna Expressway Authority (YEIDA) made 642 crore loss till 2016 and after that went to record profit. It was said that the one who goes to Noida will not come again. The Leader of the Opposition had said that now he will not come for sure, I had said that he will come only after being stung. How is the government doing and how were you doing. Earlier the revenue used to come to 86 thousand crores. This time, by March 31, the total revenue is going to be 2 lakh 30 thousand crores. This is more than double. GST used to cost 49-51 thousand crores in 2016, now it is going to cross 1 lakh 24 thousand crores. He had dominated the mafia in excise. The state got a little more than 12 thousand crores from state excise, this time 45 thousand crores is going to come. To whom was this money going? Similarly, hotels in England and islands in Australia are not being bought.

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