Youngsters revolutionizing farming through innovation in Haidergarh

Lucknow: In Haidergarh, some distance away from Lucknow, young agricultural scientists are busy creating a new solution for increasing production in organic farming along with the farmers there.

Youngsters Ashish Saroj, Akash and Ruby Srivastava, who are active in converting barren land into fertile land, have become examples for today’s farmers, especially young farmers.

Unlike the traditional cultivation of mushrooms in straw, Ashish Saroj, who produces mushrooms in cow dung, believes that nutritious soil is required for a good crop.

After setting up a soil testing laboratory in Mirpur Sidhaur Block Haidergarh for two years, he started testing the soil of the nearby fields. Through cow dung and other waste materials, they are promoting organic farming by replenishing the required amount of chemical elements like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium which naturally increase the fertility in the fields.

It takes thirty to forty days to prepare this organic fertilizer, launched by Rooteries Essential Pvt. Ltd. under the brand name Urban garden.

Spraying of cow dung, interface culture, mustard cake, bio char, neem cake slurry, chopped water hyacinth, castor cake slurry, sawdust, poultry waste, cut vegetable waste, press mud, decompose culture in layers of three inches respectively.

The layers are repeated seven times. Also, the temperature is measured for eight consecutive days, which ranges from 100 to 120 degrees. When the temperature starts decreasing, it is turned back to increase oxygen.

This is done several times, until the environment reaches normal temperature. After it is completely mixed, it is dried and packed.
In this way, Ashish Saroj and Akash together are teaching farmers how to make organic fertilizer. The farmers present on this occasion told in the conversation that they found this method very beneficial. Farmers said that after mixing this fertilizer there is no need to add any other fertilizer and the crop also doubles.

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