It is Deepawali time and the atmosphere is different at home. It is one of exuberance, happiness, enthusiasm and warmth during the festival with time spent with loved ones. In such a situation, what do tarot cards say for all Zodiac signs.

Aries will have to pay attention to the work area. The beginning of a new work is on the cards. That too with someone experienced in their work. Choice of yellow colour will give benefit. Rangoli in the northeast direction will help.

Those of the Taurus sunsign should speed up work because there is a possibility of further delay that has been stopped for a long time. Do not delay in economic matters. Light red candles in the south direction.

People of Gemini should go easy on the celebrations. Not right time to do anything new or big. Decorate the North – east corner with flowers.

For Cancer there are indications that there will be a new beginning for deciding and discussing new projects. Use of oil diffuser in drawing room will benefit. People with 1,10 numbers should come forward.

Members of Leo should spend time with family, relatives with sweetness. There will be a good time spent with family in a harmonious way. Wear cream, white colored clothes on Deepawali.

People of Virgo sign should pay attention to their promises or things, there may be some misunderstanding in the relationship. Do not carry memories of the past. Look ahead especially in the case of relationships. Light 5 lamps at the entrance on Deepawali.

Tarot cards are showing the strength of financial status for the Queen of Pentecles Libra sign and a better home with family. Control anger, otherwise work may be delayed. Take care of cleanliness in the north direction. Remove bad electrical appliances in the house.

Tilt of the Wheel of Fortune is bringing positive changes for Scorpio. Deepawali festival will provide better energy with new opportunities. In the northeast, keep white flowers.

Sagittarius people should not do any work in a hurry. Someone from Libra will prove to be of great help. Take care of transaction of wealth. Place Kuber in the north east direction with all respect. The festival time will be very busy with Manglik work involving Capricorn people, celebrations and friendly meets. A boat of new relationships will be born. Definitely place Roli in Rangoli at the time of Deepavali puja.

Signs of Ace of Swords and King of Wands are better. Anyone from Aquarius should not take any necessary decision in any new place. On Deepavali, sit in the east direction with family. The Lovers and Ace of Cups are alerting Pisces not to spend much time with friends at this time. Spend this Diwali time with family and create a sense of full cooperation with relatives, it will make work successful in economic benefits.

Prem Panjwani

Tarot Card Reader and Vastu Expert

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