Zelensky claims major loss of weaponry on part of Russia

It has been 13th days since the war between Russia and Ukraine started. The three rounds of talks between the two countries so far have been fruitless. But it is being told that in this meeting there has been a positive discussion on building human corridors for the citizens trapped in the cities.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on all countries of the world to impose tougher international sanctions and trade sanctions against Russia. About 17 Lakh people have left Ukraine so far because of the war.

Zelensky’s claim – Russia lost as many weapons as 30 years in 13 days
Ukraine, which has been fighting the Russian army for the last 13 days, has released the figures of the destruction of the Russian army. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has made a big claim that he too has caused heavy damage to the Russian army. Russia has lost as many weapons in 13 days as it has not lost in 30 years. According to Ukraine, from February 24 to March 7, it has killed 12,000 Russian soldiers. Russia’s 303 tanks, 48 ​​aircraft and 80 helicopters have been destroyed. While 1036 armed vehicles have also been blown up. It is noteworthy that so far hundreds of people have been killed in this 13-day war. Many schools and hospitals have been destroyed.

Russia hurls bombs on Ukraine’s Sumy city, killing 9 including two children
According to the AFP news agency, today Russia carried out several airstrikes in the Ukrainian city of Sumy. About 9 people including two children have died in this attack. This is the same city where 700 students of India are still stuck.

The war between Ukraine and Russia continues. In such a situation, information is now coming out that Ukraine has killed Russian Major General Vitaly Gerasimov in Kharkiv. This information has been given from the official Twitter handle of the Government of Ukraine. The Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has said that Ukraine killed Russian Major General Vitaly Gerasimov near Kharkiv. Gerasimov was a senior military officer who participated in the Second Chechen War and was awarded a medal for the “capture of Crimea”.

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